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NWT Status Reports and Assessments

Below is a list of all species assessed to date by the NWT Species at Risk Committee, including species that were found to be Not at Risk or Data Deficient. They are sorted according to the most recent assessment for each species.

Assessments are based on species status reports that include the best available Indigenous and community knowledge and science. For more on the NWT assessment process, including status reports, click here.

Reports on the status of species in Canada can be found on the federal Species at Risk Public Registry.

To see both territorial and national assessment outcomes for each NWT species, go to Our Species at Risk.

Species Assessed in 2023

Species Assessed in 2022

Species Assessed in 2021

(Ursus maritimus)
SARC Assessments: 2021 - Special Concern in the NWT; 2012 - Special Concern in the NWT

Species Assessed in 2020

Species Assessed in 2019

Species Assessed in 2017

(Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus)
SARC Assessment 2017: Threatened in the NWT

(Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus)
SARC Assessment 2017: Not at Risk in the NWT

Species Assessed in 2016

(Bos bison athabascae)
SARC Assessment 2016: Threatened in the NWT

Species Assessed in 2014

Species Assessed in 2013

Species Assessed in 2012

(Braya pilosa)
SARC Assessment 2012: Threatened in the NWT