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Highlighting Past Species Conservation and Recovery Fund Projects


The NWT Species Conservation and Recovery Fund (the NWT Species at Risk Stewardship Program prior to 2019) has been investing in species conservation and recovery efforts since 2010 and has supported over 50 projects. Past projects have either addressed threats directly or have focused on education/outreach, knowledge/research, or conservation planning.

The Conference of Management Authorities developed an interactive story map to highlight past projects. With this map, you can explore conservation and recovery projects that have taken place throughout the Northwest Territories. Users can click on the project tiles or on the map to learn more about each project. The tabs automatically update as users navigate around the map. Once selected the map displays information on the selected project including: project timeline, location, species at risk focus, applicant, area of work, project description, project report summary, and contact information.

Additional information on the Northwest Territories Species Conservation and Recovery Fund can be found here.