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NWT Assessment Schedule

About the schedule

The NWT Species at Risk Committee is an independent group of experts that assesses the biological status of species that may be at risk of extinction in the NWT using Indigenous and community knowledge and science. Click here to find out how the NWT assessment process works.

Species are reassessed in the NWT every 10 years. The assessment schedule is approved annually by the Conference of Management Authorities.

For a list of national COSEWIC status reports in preparation and anticipated assessment dates, click here.

Is there an NWT species you're concerned could be at risk? You can request an assessment by the Species at Risk Committee. Send its name and the reasons for the assessment to the Species at Risk Secretariat.

Species to be Assessed in 2025

(Anaxyrus hemiophrys)

Species to be Assessed in 2026

(Ondatra zibethicus)

(Vaccinium vitis-idaea)

(Bos bison athabascae)
SARC Assessment 2016: Threatened in the NWT

Species to be Assessed in 2027

(Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus)
SARC Assessment 2017: Threatened in the NWT

Species to be Assessed in 2028

Photo: Muskox, Joel Koop
(Ovibos moschatus)