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Management and Recovery Planning

Once a species is legally listed (either territorially or federally), a management plan or recovery strategy is required. Goals are set for the management or recovery of that species, and actions are identified to meet these goals. 

Making a plan

In the NWT, the Conference of Management Authorities is responsible for developing management plans and recovery strategies. The Management Authorities with responsibility for the species (i.e. where the species occurs within their region or jurisdiction) will develop a management plan or recovery strategy according to the timelines set out in the Species at Risk (NWT) Act.

Table - RS/MP

All NWT residents can help set direction for management and recovery of NWT species by submitting comments or contacting their local hunters and trappers committees, renewable resource boards or councils, their regional GNWT Environment and Climate Change office, or the Species at Risk Secretariat.

What does it do?

Management plans and recovery strategies provide guidance and include recommendations for managing, conserving or recovering the species, but are not legally binding. 

For many species, the goal of the management plan or recovery strategy is to restore (or maintain) viable, naturally self-sustaining populations within the NWT. For species that are harvested, the recovery goal may also reflect that a healthy population is one that can continue to support a sustainable harvest or where the relationship between people and the species is maintained.

What's in it?

A recovery strategy or management plan generally includes:

  • Information on the species
  • Threats to the species and/or its habitat (why it is at risk)
  • Positive influences on the species (that can help it survive or recover)
  • Goals and objectives for recovery
  • Recommended recovery or management approaches to achieve objectives (e.g. actions to fill information gaps or mitigate identified threats)

Management Authorities must all agree to accept a management plan or recovery strategy. If consensus is not reached, the NWT Minister of Environment and Climate Change completes the plan.

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