American White Pelican

American White Pelican - credit J.D. McKinnon
American White Pelican
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos
NWT List of Species at Risk: 
Under Consideration
NWT SARC Assessment: 
Special Concern
Federal Species at Risk Act list: 
No status
COSEWIC Assessment: 
Not at risk
NWT General Status Rank: 
May Be At Risk

The American White Pelican is a large white and black bird, one of the biggest birds in North America. With yellow legs, webbed feet and large wings, these birds are excellent swimmers and flyers. A large pouched yellow bill helps them gather food along the surface of the water. Breeding individuals develop a “horn” on their bill, which they lose after the breeding season. 

Weight: 4.5 to 9 kg (10 to 20 lb)    
Length: 127 to 165 cm (50 to 65 in)    
Wingspan: 244 to 290 cm (96 to 114 in)

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