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The Drummond Bluebell is a rare flowering plant with a restricted distribution. It is found on sandy and gravely banks or ridges in ten locations in the NWT and Nunavut, and in four sites in Alaska.

The Drummond Bluebell is a perennial herb sometimes forming clumps up to 50 cm wide. It flowers in July. This species is known to occur in glacial refugia (areas that remained glacier free during the last ice age).

This species has not yet gone through the processes to assess and list species established by the Species at Risk (NWT) Act or federal Species at Risk Act (SARA), but it has been ranked by the NWT General Status Ranking Program.

Gravel bar near Horton River 69 24N, 126 50W.
Paulatuk area 69 41N, 124 39W; 68 49N, 124 25W.

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