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Photo Credits

We thank and acknowledge the following persons who have generously allowed us the use of their photos:

Banks Island Alkali Grass credit Roger D Bull, courtesy of the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Barn Swallow credit Gordon Court

Bee (White-tailed Bumblebee) credit Gavan Watson

Boreal Woodland Caribou (facing camera) credit John Nagy (ENR)

Buff-breasted Sandpiper credit Environment Canada - Charles Francis

Canada Warbler credit J. Reaume

Canadian toad and Canadian toad’s burrow credit M. Fournier

Christina Sulphur butterfly credit Bonnie Fournier

Collared Pika credit John Nagy

Dolphin-Union caribou credit Mathieu Dumond 
Dolphin-Union caribou, three on snow credit K. Poole

Drummond Bluebell credit Jo Overholt

Eskimo Curlew illustration reproduced courtesy of the Canadian Museum of Nature

Grizzly Bear looking left with green shrubs in background credit Gordon Court 
Grizzly Bear, all other photos credit ENR (Rob Gau, Steve Matthews)

Grey Whale illustration by A. Denbigh

Gypsy Cuckoo Bumble Bee credit Sheila Colla

Hairy Braya credit Jim Harris

Horned Grebe credit Anthony Levesque

Ivory Gull credit Grant Gilchrist

Little Brown Myotis credit Joanna Wilson

Long-legged Myotis credit J. Scott Altenbach, Bat Conservation International,

Mountain goat credit ENR

Nahanni Aster credit John Semple

Northern Leopard Frog in wet area credit Leslie Bol 
Northern Leopard Frog in grass credit Kris Kendell
Northern Leopard Frog in moss credit Kris Kendell

Northern Myotis credit Danny Allaire

Northern Wolffish credit G. Taylor/DFO

Olive-sided Flycatcher credit Tim Zurowski

Peary Caribou (3) credit John Nagy (ENR)

Peary Caribou on booklet cover credit GNWT / John Nagy, ENR
Peary Caribou grazing credit John Nagy (ENR)

Peregrine Falcon chick credit ENR 
Peregrine Falcon, all other photos credit Gordon Court

Polar Bear walking towards camera credit Gordon Court 
Polar Bear, other photos credit Robert Mulders

Raup's Willow credit George Argus and the Canadian Museum of Nature

Red Knot credit Jennie Rausch

Red-sided Garter Snake (head and upper body) credit Mike Oldham (GNWT) 
Red-sided Garter Snake (coiled) credit Karl Larsen 
Red-sided Garter Snake (moving away from camera) credit M. Fournier

Rusty Blackbird credit Samuel Denault

Sand Blue Grass credit Canadian Museum of Nature

Short-eared Owl credit Doug Dance

Species at Risk Stewardship Program, Knowing Nanuut: Inuvialuit Perspectives of Polar Bear Population Health credit Dan Slavik

Species at Risk Stewardship Program, Learning about Species at Risk: Yellowknife Sparks, Brownies & Pathfinders project credit Jennie Rausch

Species at Risk Stewardship Program, Learning our Culture! credit Michelle Gruben

Species at Risk Stewardship Program, Whooping Crane Nesting Site Preservation Project credit Ron Schaefer

Western Bumble Bee credit Alistair Fraser

Western Toad on moss credit Ben Olsen (ENR) 
Western Toad on leaves credit Floyd Bertand 
Western Toad on wet rock credit Lisa Wilkinson 
Western Toad on grey rock credit Lee Mennell

Wood Bison with snowy face credit Gordon Court 
Wood Bison, all other photos credit ENR (Bas Oosenbrug, Lee Keary, Terry Armstrong, Troy Ellsworth)

Whooping Crane credit B. Johns

Wolverine credit Rob Gau (ENR)

Woodland "Mountain" Caribou credit Richard Popko

Yellow-banded Bumble Bee credit Leif Richardson