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Consensus Agreement Reached Regarding Implementation of the Management Plan for the Dolphin and Union Caribou in the NWT and Nunavut


The Northwest Territories (NWT) Conference of Management Authorities (CMA), established under the Species at Risk (NWT) Act, has reached consensus respecting the implementation of the Management Plan for the Dolphin and Union Caribou in the NWT and Nunavut.

This 'implementation agreement' summarized what actions NWT Management Authorities (Wildlife Management Advisory Council (NWT) and Government of the Northwest Territories) intend to undertake to implement the management plan. It follows the listing of Dolphin and Union caribou as a species of Special Concern in the NWT and helps fulfill management and implementation requirements for this species under the Species at Risk (NWT) Act.

The management plan was prepared jointly by the Government of Nunavut and the Government of the Northwest Territories, in cooperation with the Government of Canada and co-management partners. Co-management partners involved in this process included: Nunavut Wildlife Management Board, Kugluktuk Hunters and Trappers Organization (HTO), Ekaluktutiak HTO, Omingmaktok HTO, Burnside HTO, Wildlife Management Advisory Council (NWT), Inuvialuit Game Council, Ulukhaktok Hunters and Trappers Committee (HTC), and the Paulatuk HTC. Development of the final management plan respected co-management processes legislated by the Inuvialuit Final Agreement and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement.

The signed consensus agreement was provided to the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources on December 19, 2018.

There are no automatic prohibitions or protections for species or habitat that are associated with this action. Periodic co-management reviews of progress and new information will allow for implementation to be reviewed and adapted as appropriate. The progress of implementation will also be reviewed and reported on every five years. Implementation is subject to appropriations, priorities, and budgetary constraints of the Management Authorities.

Additional information on Dolphin and Union caribou, as well as supporting documentation, is available at: