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Citing the Contents of the Infobase

The infobase is a compendium of referenced information summarized solely to help rank the general status of species. Each line of information in the infobase was referenced to the original sources. Sources of information can be printed publications, databases or knowledgeable persons.

The information provided in this infobase may be cited under specific rules:

If the original source is printed material and is available, please CITE THE ORIGINAL SOURCE, and acknowledge use of the infobase in your work.

If the original source is a knowledgeable person, as referenced in the infobase by reference codes H###, the information may be cited as:

(Referred for the Web site) 
Knowledgeable person's name, Affiliation. (current). in Government of the Northwest Territories. NWT Species Infobase. 
Available online: (Date accessed). 
Environment and Natural Resources, GNWT, Yellowknife, NT.

ENR Library

Many references are available from the ENR Library. Check the journals list and online catalogue for availability.