Dolly Varden

Dolly Varden (credit Neil Mochnacz, DFO)
Dolly Varden (Western Arctic Population)
Salvelinus malma malma
NWT List of Species at Risk: 
Not applicable
NWT SARC Assessment: 
Not applicable
Federal Species at Risk Act list: 
Special Concern
COSEWIC Assessment: 
Special Concern
NWT General Status Rank: 

Dolly Varden are laterally compressed (flattened from side-to-side) with large eyes below the top of a round, medium-sized head. Juveniles are coloured brown with a whitish belly, with small red spots on the sides and back, and rectangular marks on their sides and back. Adults have small, pale pink or red spots, with surrounding bluish halos. Spawning sea-run males are brightly coloured and develop a hook on the lower jaw, while females, non-spawners and non-anadromous males are more muted in colour.

Length: Sea water forms, over 35 cm (13.8 in); Freshwater adults 30 cm (11.8 in) or less