About The Conference Of Management Authorities

What is their mandate?

The Conference of Management Authorities is established under the Species at Risk (NWT) Act

The purpose of the Conference is:

  • To build consensus among Management Authorities on the conservation of species at risk;
  • To give direction, coordination and leadership on the assessment, listing, conservation and recovery of species at risk; and
  • To respect the roles and responsibilities of Management Authorities under land claim and self-government agreements.

The Conference operates on the principle of consensus agreement. As part of reaching consensus, each co-management board carries out the consultation and processes required under their land claim agreement. The Government of the Northwest Territories is responsible for consultation in areas without a settled land claim and engagement with stakeholders such as industry, outfitters, resident hunters, environmental groups and the public.

If consensus cannot be reached, the decision falls to the territorial government’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change (ECC).

Who are they?

The members of the Conference of Management Authorities are the wildlife co-management boards and governments that share management responsibility for species at risk in the NWT.

The Management Authorities that make up the Conference are the:

Future agreements with Indigenous peoples whose land claims are not yet settled could add to the membership of the Conference of Management Authorities.

Membership is flexible depending on which species is being considered. Only Management Authorities that have jurisdiction for that species are involved in making the decisions.

Contact the Conference of Management Authorities

Conference of Management Authorities 
c/o Species at Risk Secretariat 
PO Box 1320 
Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2L9 
Toll-free: 1 (855) 783-4301
Fax: (867) 873-0293
Email: sara@gov.nt.ca