Bank Swallow

Bank Swallow, credit: Kevin Kardynal
Bank Swallow
Riparia riparia
NWT List of Species at Risk: 
Not applicable
NWT SARC Assessment: 
Not applicable
Federal Species at Risk Act list: 
Under Consideration
COSEWIC Assessment: 
NWT General Status Rank: 
At Risk

The Bank Swallow is a small slender songbird that can be recognized by its small head, thin wings and long, slender, notched tail. It has pale brown upper-parts and rump, white under-parts and throat, and a well-defined dark band across its chest. Males and females have similar plumage.

Weight: 11.3 to 19.8 g (0.4 to 0.7 oz). Length: 11.9 to 14.0 cm (4.7 to 5.5 in).

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