Barren-ground Caribou

Barren-ground Caribou (Caribou [Barren-ground population])
Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus
NWT List of Species at Risk: 
Under Consideration
NWT SARC Assessment: 
Federal Species at Risk Act list: 
Under Consideration
COSEWIC Assessment: 
NWT General Status Rank: 
At Risk

In November 2016, COSEWIC assessed barren-ground caribou in Canada as threatened. COSEWIC's assessment looked at all Canadian herds together, including the Porcupine herd. Information on COSEWIC's assessment can be found here.

In April 2017, the NWT Species at Risk Committee (SARC) assessed barren-ground caribou (Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula, Cape Bathurst, Bluenose-West, Bluenose-East, Bathurst, Beverly, Ahiak, and Qamanirjuaq herds) as threatened in the NWT. Unlike COSEWIC, SARC considered Porcupine caribou separately as a geographically distinct population. SARC assessed Porcupine caribou as not at risk in the NWT.

SARC's completed assessments and status report for barren-ground caribou and Porcupine caribou can be found below.

The public is invited to comment on the proposed addition of barren-ground caribou to the NWT List of Species at Risk. More info

Additional content for this species page is currently under development. In the interim, to learn more about barren-ground caribou in the NWT, please refer to the Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of Environment and Natural Resources' website.